Bodis Domain Parking Scam? Reasons why you should better not use Bodis!

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Bodis is a domain parking provider that is often associated with extremely bad ratings and bad user experiences in forums on the Internet. We too have had negative experiences with Bodis domain parking. We have done a little research for you and will tell you why, in our opinion, you should not use Bodis for domain parking! We also clarify the question of whether Bodis is fraud or not…

Is Bodis domain parking a scam?

We don’t want to presume to say whether Bodis is a company based solely on fraud. In general, the high number of negative reviews and problems is a strong indication that Bodis is definitely an unreliable business partner. Even after intensive research, the positive voices about Bodis are a real rarity, we found almost none. In general, many former users feel cheated of their money and accuse Bodis of blocking accounts and withholding funds. Most of these people accuse Bodis of fraud. We at Domainspace have also had negative experiences with Bodis and so, based on our experience and our opinion, the parking provider is definitely fraudulent.

In the following sections we would like to explain what happened and what bad experiences hundreds of other users have had with Bodis.

Our experiences with Bodis

As a company, we used Bodis for around 6 months. At first we were very impressed by the good backend interface and the high advertising revenue. Within these 6 months we were able to generate more than 700 US$ in advertising revenue with our portfolio. We left the entire amount in the account and did not pay it out. One day after 6 months we could no longer log into our company account. There was no message or warning, which initially led us to conclude that there was a technical problem. After a few days we contacted support who informed us that our account had been suspended due to fraud and all earnings will be retained in full.

We couldn’t believe this dubious approach at first, since we as a company certainly didn’t generate any clicks ourselves and simply parked our unused portfolio at Bodis. Up to this point, however, we were still certain that we can settle this matter and that everything must be cleared up by checking the parking statistics. When we asked them to check the statistics and let us know which domains were affected, we still haven’t received an answer even after months. So Bodis accuses us of having taken fraudulent measures without proving them. A partial payment is also out of the question for Bodis, since the entire amount can be withheld according to the terms and conditions.

Now we have the following questions:

  • If we took fraudulent measures to increase sales, why did we leave such a large amount in the account for months instead of gradually securing and paying out the funds?
  • If self-clicks were detected, why isn’t it possible to prove this with statistics?
  • Why are all earnings retained over multiple months and not those related to the alleged click fraud?
  • Why do we no longer have access to our account and the associated statistics without warning?
  • Why accounts owners do net get warned when a domain receives alleged click spam so they can react and prevent?

Now, all of these open questions lead us to conclude that it is common practice at Bodis to unlawfully confiscate and withhold account earnings. In our view, this is a scam.

Even after repeated requests, we have not received any statistics to date that support Bodis’s allegations. Rather, support broke off contact. We therefore advise all our customers and domainers to avoid the parking provider Bodis, as we believe that this is a waste of time and resources and also extremely dubious fraud company.

Other user experiences with Bodis

We have attached a very small selection of experiences in forums, which also show that Bodis is not really legit:

Bodis did this to me twice. They didn’t report stats for the last couple of days and I have contacted their support to see what was happened and here is the response I got from Bodis. Hello Praveen, I’ve just taken a look at your Bodis account and I’m afraid it has been flagged by our Tier1 ad provider after an excessive level of click spam was reported in conjunction with your domains. Unfortunately we’ve been given no choice but comply with this suspension request. We will be unable to continue to support your domain names on the Bodis network moving forward. We do apologize for bringing you this bad news. Thank you. If an excessive level of click spam was reported in conjunction with my domains then don’t show the clicks and revenue but suspending an account won’t justify their move!

I have listed more than 300 domains so obviously, they should expect few clicks generated by spammy links and they might ask us to remove the domains. I’m unable to login and lost all my parking stats for my domains. I have lost track of all these 300 domains and it is really a painful job to move all the domains to another parking company. My account had generated $40 USD to $60 USD/ monthly and mostly by 4 to 7 domains. They didn’t pay for the last month and simply closed my account. I was checking with other domainers and they did the same to others.

I never recommend anyone to use Bodis anymore and you simply lose all your parking stats if you use

Exact same thing happened to me last week. I have had same 4-5 domains making me $50-$60 per month. I sent them a mail and they agreed to remove those money making domains and give me my account back. That just dont make sense. They are making more money then us, right ? What’s the profit sharing ratio ?

I faced this very same issue about a year ago. Moved all my names to parkingcrew. Till now no problem with them. It seems that they are the only ones taking such actions.

Same thing happened to me. I even asked their support to tell me which of my domains are getting click fraud so that I can remove them and keep my account, but all they tell me is “there is nothing we can do but to lock your account”. This does not seem to be a reasonable course of action, especially since there are some funds in my account, and I have no way to access them.

They suspend or close your account even if you are not involved in any fraud and they don’t want to listen to you or don’t want to give an opportunity to explain. By the end of the day, we must lose all parking stats like I lost my last two years parking stats!

I’ve had the same happen to me recently. No recourse. Account suspended due to one domain. I don’t know how as an owner, I can prevent click spam. If Bodis had only given a warning, I’d have removed the domain from their network. Also lost my parking revenues for the last payout.

The negative reviews for Bodis

In addition to the real user experiences in forums and blogs, there are also many negative reviews about Bodis on Trustpilot and other rating portals. Also interesting is the fact that Bodis doesn’t use the Trustpilot account at all… maybe they want to try to sweep the criticism under the carpet!? In any case, the mass of negative reviews is almost overwhelming and in any case a strong indication that Bodis could be a scam.

Here are some of the bad reviews about Bodis:

SCAM – Block account without proof of accusations

SCAM – Avoid at all costs! They just gonna close your account without prior notice and accuse of false clicking without providing information / statistics or other proof. One of the worst domain parking providers on the internet!

Matt needs to let BODIS finally crash…

Matt needs to let BODIS finally crash and burn. It’s a scam company, they don’t follow federal policies and then block your email. Ha! I have so many emails where I requested materials that are legally available at my request, well I requested and was met with such resistance. Odd for a company to not follow Florida public records law… and I have all the proof.

I was using bodis for a month

I was using bodis for a month, I was purchasing expired domains and parking them with bodis. I had a domain that received an increase of traffic for a couple days and I thought it must of been a company that didn’t change the domain on some marketing material. Bodis continued to keep my account active and then suspend my account when the month ended and I was due my payout, I’ve seen reviews like this before and wish I paid attention to them. Be warned using them,

cancelled my account and diddent pay my 10$

I want to tell you, ca 4 years ago I also used bodis, I collected ca usd 10,– parking revenue, but then they cancelled my account and did NOT payout me the money, they sayed I had invalid clicks, but i dont think so i was having invalid clicks. So as I reading their bad reviews here, I just wanna add my negative expreience with bodis tooo

Really poor experience.

Really poor experience.Like many other have said, you would get banned just before the pay day so that they could steal your earnings.Avoid this company at all cost.

Banning account without notice when the payment is just around the corner.

My account has been working fine for the previous 13-14 days then they suddenly banned it without any notice. If their system detects low-quality traffic, they should immediately ban my account. However, they simply stole my whole month’s earnings when the payment is just around the corner.Something is wrong with they system, or they just defraud everyone including me by taking our hard-earned money and at the same time playing with our emotions.

They are a real scum

They are a real scum. They will let your domain work and generate money. Then, Closed! Why? They blood-coldedely tell you: LOW QUALITY TRAFFIC! They even don’t bother themselves notice you on email. When you get your account closed, you don’t even know what is going on, because all you know is that you can’t login and message ”try later”. You need to do a lot of reseach to know. And they steal your money tell you “the money will be withheld”. Complete scums! Keep away!

Bad experience with them

I had a bad experience with them, sometimes they deduct 60% of my payment, other time they completely withhold it, that’s why i decided to move to more established service. I am warning other people not to use this srvice

Really Bad experience.

Really Bad experience.I got banned just before the pay day and they steal my earnings.


They canceled the account the day before the payout without any notice. They don’t communicate and they didn’t pay me.

It’s A scam company

It’s A scam company, they suspended my account after 6 months and didn’t pay money , so they are steal money from advertisers !!

Payement problem

Payement problem, they can ban your account with no sense explain when it’s time to pay. Go away, time and money wasted.

They will cancel your account even if you are sending them USA based traffic organically from Google. Don’t waste your time.

Their system is completely broken, I have sent them 100% human traffic from the USA, from Google, there is no way to trick that or fake that, and I’m making a video showing that the traffic I sent them was legit, and despite it being legit, they still canceled my account and took the money they were supposed to pay me. I’m going to expose this company for who they are… nothing but fraudsters. If US based organic Google traffic is not good enough for them, then nothing is. All they have is words, but I have actual screenshots, proof, and verified analytics from 3 different sources that shows my traffic was 100% legitimate. They had no problem paying me the 1st 2 times, but once the 3rd payment was due, they conveniently shut me off. Even though the source of the traffic never changed from the very beginning. They just wanted to keep the money for themselves. They are a pathetic excuse for a company. Waste your time with them because no matter what kind of traffic you send them, even if it’s good quality traffic, they will still cancel your account. It makes no sense to waste your time with them.

Yes its scam company

Yes its scam company. Sooner or later they will close your account and confiscate the money !

Source of the ratings is Trustpilot. It is particularly striking that 14 of the 17 reviews on Trustpilot are all consistently negative.

More reviews from other portals:

  • They let you got a payment for a first and a little $. And then when you got plenty, they’ll smack you down.. Old scam trick
  • Bodis is scam. They mostly don’t pay your earnings and they don’t provide a reasonable answer.
  • This website 100% SCAM. I am not normal user. I have more then 10000+ domains. will block your account and eat your money. 
  • Second time i try it same result : Bodis will suspend you account and take all your profits. 
  • when requested my 430+ profit. they have disabled my account. it’s a scam website

Conclusion: Is Bodis legit or is it fraud?

In our opinion, Bodis domain parking is not a reliable partner. There may be some satisfied users, but from our point of view, due to the mass of negative feedback, it is part of the business model to confiscate the generated income. What is particularly striking is the fact that all the allegations are very similar or coincide. The modus operandi seems to be to let the account run for a few months without any problems until larger sales are generated. The accounts will then be blocked and the ENTIRE earnings will be frozen. This procedure is extremely unusual for domain parking providers and also dubious. From our personal experience, we would clearly classify Bodis as a systematic scam. Based on the other reviews, Bodis appears to us at least as a little serious and unreliable partner.

Our conclusion: stay away and save yourself a lot of trouble and trouble. Better use other domain parking providers!

Source references to the Bodis Scam: –> Forum –> Forum –> Trustpilot –> Forum –> Forum –> Review Portal

Have you had bad experiences with Bodis? Please leave us a comment!

Bodis Domain Parking scam? Reason why you should better not use Bodis!
Bodis Domain Parking scam? Reason why you should better not use Bodis!
Bodis Review: Is Bodis legit or is Bodis scam? In this blogpost we tell you our experiences with Bodis domain parking...
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  1. They just eaten up my 140$, the momment I asked them for payments next day they deleted my account. Then I went to namepro to warn new comers they negative repped me!

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