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Regardless of whether you are currently the victim of a cyber attack or want to prevent it, our security reports provide deep insights into the current security situation of your presence on the Internet.

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You can find more information about the content of our domain & website security reports below.

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Key Benefits

Cyber security is essential for business-critical websites. Learn more about the security risks for your brand on the Internet and eliminate them with our proposed solutions on domain level. In this way, you can avoid cyberattacks such as spoofing, phishing, hijacking, fraud and identity theft or react to them more quickly.

Fight cyber crime efficiently

With our security reports, you can close security loopholes at domain level and prevent cyber crimes such as website spoofing, domain spoofing, phishing, domain hijacking, identity theft and other fraudulent intentions.

Deep insights

Our security reports provide deep insights into website / brand security. We not only examine the domain strategy of your company, but also examine the security on a technical level with regard to SSL & DNS.

Expert advice on optimizing security at domain level

Our security reports always contain solutions for improving security on the Internet at domain level. We list the suggestions for improvement in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Easy to understand

Our reports are written in such a way that they can also be understood by non-tech people. Nevertheless, they also offer detailed technical information so that your developers can implement the solutions.

To-Do checklist for your development team

Each of our reports contains a detailed checklist with the security measures to be implemented. You can process these yourself or forward the checklist to your developers. We are also happy to help with the implementation of the measures.


Technical SSL & DNS check

We’ll examine your DNS settings and tell you how you can improve security to prevent spoofing and phishing. We also give advice on optimization at the SSL level.


Domain / brand strategy check

We investigate your domain and how it could become a victim of identity theft. We’ll also tell you how you can take action against hijacking and other attack methods at the domain level.


Report on the current security situation

We examine the domain landscape for current attempted attacks on your company and if there is currently a risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack*.

* extensive report with full Zone Scan only in Pro version


Suggestions to avoid cyber attacks

You will receive detailed solutions on how to improve domain security and reduce the risk of phishing, spoofing, hijacking, identity theft and other cyber crimes.

Benefits Security Report

Our Basic Security Report offers you deep insights into the domain branding strategy and how you can protect your brand on the Internet from spoofing, phishing and identity theft. We also always examine the technical components with regard to SSL and DNS security. Simple manual research is also included, which could show ongoing attacks. However, in order to get a detailed and reliable picture of current cyber attacks on your business, we advise you to book our Pro Report.

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Benefits Security Report Pro

The Security Report Pro is an extended version of our basic report and ideally suited to get an additional overview of current ongoing attacks and fraud attempts. The Security Report Pro contains our Zone Scan including a separate report, which reveals the use of your company / brand name in third-party domains. This is how you can find out whether cyber criminals are currently carrying out spoofing or phishing attacks under your business name.

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