Protect your business on the Internet and uncover cyber crime like website spoofing, phishing and more…

Uncover cyber attacks like phishing, spoofing and identity theft with our Zone Scan.

Identity theft is one of the most common problems brands & website operators face on the Internet. Our zone scan uncovers the use of your brand name in third-party domains.

Detecting domain fraud, spoofing and phishing is extremely research- and cost-intensive. Thanks to our Zone Scan, it is now easily possible to detect potential trademark infringements or identity theft and to take prompt legal action. The Zone Scan is a powerful service for anyone facing the task of protecting brand names, websites and brand keywords at domain level. This intelligent tool unvocers the unauthorized third-party use of your brand / protected term in all TLDs. Zone Scan makes it easy for trademark owners, trademark attorneys, website owners, web agencies and brand managers to protect their business assests on the Internet.

Fight Cyber Crime with Zone Scan

Our Zone Scan searches more than 1,700 TLDs for unauthorized use of a keyword / brand name of your choice. The scan is performed twice, just to be on the safe side. The intelligent search algorithm enhances the results with prefixes and suffixes from 3.5 million terms associated with trademark infringements. Our Zone Scan service is especially suitable for…

Companies & Brand Managers

Monitoring your own brands is not an easy task. With our Zone Scan, companies and brand owners now have the ability to independently and automatically monitor their brands for domain violations and uncover ongoing fraud attempts.

Agencies & Website Owners

Web agencies & development teams are often the main point of contact for many companies and brands who need support for digital content, such as websites and domain management. Therefore it makes sense to offer additional services, such as our Zone Scan. With the help of our services, you can outperform and differentiate yourself from your competitors when making sales pitches and offering bids related to domain protection for customers.

Trademark Attorneys

Register, re-register, transfer, delete and manage Brands: The everyday life of trademark attorneys is full of important and time-consuming tasks. With the increasing number of trademark infringements in the domain sector, domain law is becoming a growing market. Use our Zone Scan to effectively protect your clients’ brands and domains. Automate the tedious research work now and use the gained time for what really counts: protecting your clients.


Protect your government websites and portals and search for registered domain names trying to steal your identity. Scammers often copy entire government websites and do not shy away from espionage, data theft or unauthorized collection of fees. With our Zone Scan governments now have the ability to independently and automatically monitor their trademarks, websites and portals for violations at domain level.

Protection Against Cybercrime

The Zone Scan helps you to uncover current fraud and attack attempts. Find out if similar domains have been registered containing your brand or website name and what they are used for. This makes it easy to detect and take action against cyber fraud, identity theft, website spoofing, domain spoofing, phishing, domain fraud and other domain related cyber attacks.


  • One-time scan of the domain landscape for trademark / keyword violations
  • We combine your brand / keyword name with more than 3.5 million prefixes and suffixes and scan existing domains for them
  • After our scan is completed, you will receive a detailed report with the possible trademark infringements
  • This report helps you to fight cyber crimes like spoofing, phishing, fraud and identity theft
  • Optionally, we can also scan your brand for typo domains (Please select the desired scan method when ordering)

$ 224.99 USD

Two Scan Options

Pre- & Suffix Scan: Our Zone Scan searches the domain landscape for a keyword / brand of your choice. It also includes more than 3 million prefixes and suffixes. In this way you can easily find out which websites are currently using or copying your brand / website and take further steps against the cyber criminals. Examples for pre- & suffixes:

  • Yourbrand24
  • Yourbrandshop
  • BuyYourbrand

Typo-Scan: Typosquatting, also called URL hijacking, a sting site, or a fake URL, is a form of cybersquatting, and possibly brandjacking which relies on mistakes such as typos made by Internet users when inputting a website address into a web browser. Should a user accidentally enter an incorrect website address, they may be led to any URL (including an alternative website owned by a cybersquatter). Typosquatting domains are also often used for fake phishing mails. Our typosquatting scan uncovers exactly these domains. You can then investigate whether you are at risk of becoming a victim of typosquatting scams.

Note: In order to receive a complete report on the current situation, we recommend booking both scan variants.

Facts About Domain Related Cyber Crime

One in four companies worldwide are affected by domain squatting, namely, the fraudulent registration and use of domains containing protected trademark terms. In 2019, 85% of all retail brands have been affected by fake domains offering counterfeit products or services to potential buyers. This causes immense economic damage and keeps lawyers from all over the world busy.

Nearly 99% of the identity theft cases on domain level remain undetected. Cyber criminals are therefore able to continue to harm brand owners on a daily basis. With the introduction of almost 1,000 new domain extensions, the problem has become even more acute. Cyber criminals can use the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) to register domains containing protected terms and brand names on these new domain endings. In many cases, spoofing websites are then deployed via these fake domains. These copied spoofing websites are often not recognizable to users at first glance, because the correct brand name appears in the browser bar.

Identical fake domains can now be found for 96% of all companies doing business in the Internet. Cyber criminals come up with tricky ideas. They replace individual letters with letters from foreign alphabets or with numbers. For example, by using a “0” instead of the letter “O.” This difference is difficult to notice on the screen… Here are a few good reasons why you should protect your brand name from being used in third-party domains.

  • 85% of all retail companies are victims of fake domains or spoofing websites
    offering counterfeit products.
  • 99% of all fraudulent domains
    remain undetected because of missing data.
  • 96% of all companies are victim of
    matching fake domains.
  • 85% of all fake domains are deploying phishing and spoofing attacks.

Our Zone Scan offers exactly the right solution for this issue! Find out if you’re currently a victim of identity theft and take action against cyber criminals based on our Zone Scan report.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which domain extensions are scanned?

We are able to scan all domain extensions.

What if the Zone Scan detects any violations?

You will receive a comprehensive report listing any violations. Based on this report you can take legal action against the domain owner. If you need further support afterwards, we will be happy to assist you on request.

Do I have to be a trademark owner to order the Zone Scan?

No! You can scan for any trademark you want, even if you don’t own it.

Should I use typosquatting or the prefix / suffix method?

It actually depends on what you need. You can only get the most comprehensive protection from both methods. If you would like to scan for typosquatting domains and trademark violations in combination with prefix and suffix, please order two separate scans from us.

How can I protect my brand / website afterwards?

If you want permanent protection of your business at domain level, then we recommend you to book one of our sophisticated security concepts against cyber crime and identity theft…

Do I have to use a registered trademark or can I search for any website name / keyword?

Our scan allows searching for any keyword / website name. A registered trademark is not necessary.

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