Transfer domains, websites, apps, accounts & money through our trusted escrow service…

Trusted transfer of domains, web projects & money in 4 easy steps.

Whether you’re buying your ideal domain or selling your website, our escrow service guarantees a safe transfer for both parties – dedicated, trustworthy and discrete.

Step 1

Order your trusted website / domain transfer and fill out the form. We will start then the transfer process automatically.

Step 2

We contact the domain / website owner and request the necessary data for the transfer. We will keep this safe until payment has been received.

Step 3

We contact the buyer and request the payment to our account. The money will be kept safe until we have received the the data from the seller.

Step 4

After receipt and verification of both components, we will send the money and the data to the respective owners.

Prices & Conditions

We offer 3 payment models for the service fee of our escrow service. If the transfer fails, we will refund our service fee in full.

Service fee

There are just 3% flat fee on the purchase price 
(Any bank and payment provider fees are charged to the transfer parties). Taxes may apply based on the location / status of the transfer parties.

Payment models

  • Seller pays fee: The fee will be deducted from the purchase amount.
  • Buyer pays fee: The fee is billed to the buyer and added to the purchase amount.
  • Split fee: The fees are shared between the buyer and seller.

Key Benefits

Our escrow service offers you the best possible protection when transferring domains, websites and apps. We act as an intermediary and secure the data / money until both parties have fulfilled their contract. As soon as this has been verified by us, we will forward the payment to the seller and the data to the buyer.

Safe transfer of money and data

Safe for both parties. We only forward the data / payment after we have verified it.

Fast and reliable

Our processing time is usually less than 24 hours.

Guaranteed discretion

All transfers are subject to the strict German data protection regulations. We never pass on data to third parties.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is your escrow service secure?

Yes, the service is 100% secure and trustworthy. Both, the payment to the seller and the transfer of the data to the buyer, will only take place after we have received and verified both components. Communication takes place via an encrypted mail server in Switzerland. This means that only the recipient and the sender can see the sensitive data like domain codes, personal data, etc.

What happens if no payment is received?

If we do not receive the payment from the buyer, we try to make contact several times. If there is no response, we will cancel the transfer. The domain authentication code / website data will then not be passed on to the buyer. There are no costs for the failed transfer.

What happens if the domain code / website is not received?

If we do not receive the domain code or website data, we will try to contact the seller several times. If there is no response, we will cancel the transfer. Already paid amounts will be refunded in full to the buyer within 24 hours. In this case we also refund our service fee.

How long does it normally take to transfer a domain / website?

The processing time for our service is normally less than 24 hours. Longer processing times can result from a lack of communication with the transfer parties or from delayed incoming payments / data transmission.

What is included in the escrow service?

Our Domain Escrow Service includes the following services: Free communication with transfer parties, management of the data and the purchase amount, verification and transmission of the data, transmission of the purchase amount (payment provider fees may apply and must be borne by the recipient), end-to-end encrypted transmission of domain data via mail servers in Switzerland + the highest level of privacy protected by German data protection laws.

Do I have to pay any fees if the transfer was not successful?

No, failed escrow transfers are always free for both parties!

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