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Let our professionals buy or sell domains in 4 easy steps.

Whether we’re buying your ideal domain or selling your premium domains for the best prices, our experienced team of brokers is there for you – dedicated, trustworthy and discrete.


Place your order

Fill out the order form for the domain broker service.


Talk about the details

Your personal advisor will clarify all details with you.


Let us do the work

We take over negotiations on your behalf.


Secure transfer

Secure transfer of money / auth code via escrow.

Domain Broker For Buyers

Just let us know which domain you want to buy and our broker will take care of contacting and negotiating for you. You stay completely anonymous during the whole process. This will result in most of the cases in much better prices for you.


  • Our experts will find out who is the owner and start negotiations
  • Free escrow transfer
  • Free expert opinion about the pricing

Prices & Conditions

  • 69 USD contracting fee (not refundable)
  • 10% commission on the purchase price after successful brokerage (+ eventual tax based on status and location of transaction parties)
  • You provide us your max budget, we will try to stay below that
  • Customers remain anonymous during the negotiations

Domain Broker For Sellers

Would you like to sell your domain as profitably as possible? Our broker will evaluate the domain and discuss the details with you. After we will use our multiple marketing channels to find the ideal customer and sell your domain in no time.


  • You pay nothing until your domain is sold
  • Free escrow transfer
  • Free domain valuation (if requested by buyer)

Prices & Conditions

  • No contracting fees! 4.99 USD nominal charge to protect us from spam orders. The amount paid will be deducted from the commission if the sale is successful
  • 10% commission on the sale price after successful brokerage (+ eventual tax based on status and location of transaction parties)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How will I communicate with my broker?

You will be assigned a permanent and personal domain broker for each order. Your personal advisor will communicate via email or the Domainspace support portal with you.

How will the Domainspace brokers work and help me to buy or sell domains?

Domainspace brokers negotiate on your behalf with buyers and sellers. Your privacy and that of your business are always preserved. Since we act as a large domain company, we can often achieve significantly better prices, especially with domain sellers. Even if a domain is already taken, we can use our tools to identify the domain owner and try to get him to sell his domain. Our free domain transfer service offers buyers and sellers the highest level of security and privacy, which is a further benefit of our broker service.

In which cases should I hire a Domainspace broker to buy a domain?

You should hire a domain broker if you want to buy a specific domain for your business. Since we act as a large domain business, the owner does not know who ultimately wants to buy the domain and how much the buyer probably needs it. Often the need to own exactly this domain is exploited by sellers, which results in higher prices. If the Domainspace brokers act as buyers, the identity of the buyer is preserved and we can achieve significantly better prices for you based on domain reports and hard facts.

In which cases should I hire a Domainspace broker to sell my domain?

The Domianspace broker service is also worthwhile if you want to sell a domain. We use our network and marketing tools to offer your domain to as many customers as possible. You will also receive a domain valuation and a certificate of value free of charge, if interested parties are requesting it. Your advantages are obvious: you don’t have to worry about anything and can sit back while we sell your domain for you at the best price.

What is included in the domain broker service?

Free domain valuation (if requested by buyer), free escrow service for the domain transfer, negotiations with the buyer / seller, identification of domain owners (buyer service).

Do I have to pay any fees if the Domainspace broker was not successful?

Sales service: There are no fees if the domain sale fails. / Buyer service: We will only keep the initial contracting fee of 69USD for our previous efforts.

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