Protect your brand from third party domain registrations containing your trademark term…

Effective trademark protection at domain level.

Register your protected trademark in a central database and make it more difficult for third parties to register domains that contain your brand name.

What is the Domain Trademark Protection Service?

Domain Trademark Protection was installed as a validation and protection mechanism to protect trademarks during the introductions of new gTLDs. It has two functions: To authenticate contact details and verify trademark entries, as well as to store the trademark data in a central database. ICANN has commissioned Deloitte to carry out the verification service. Deloitte verifies that the submitted trademark data is correct and checks that the data meets the TMCH requirements.

By transferring your trademark data to the central data base, registered trademark terms are protected against new registrations by third parties. The Trademark Protection Service makes the new registration of domains containing protected brand names much more difficult and you can focus on your core business with confidence.

How can this service protect trademarks at domain level?

When using the Domain Trademark Protection Service, trademarks are protected in two ways:

1. Protection with the Trademark Claims Service

In the live phases, domain registration generally runs on a first-come, first-served basis and is open to anyone who meets the respective registration requirements of the relevant TLD. If an interested party wants to register a domain that matches a trademark, they receive a “Trademark Claims Notice”, with the information that the registration may infringe the trademark rights of a third party. Should the interested party select to carry out the registration, the relevant trademark holder specified in the data base receives a “Notification of Registered Name” (NORN) and can therefore react appropriately. After this, the Extended Claim Service takes effect. This service informs trademark owners about all domain registrations that might infringe his trademark rights. This service will automatically be activated when using the Trademark Claims Service.

2. Secure participation in new gTLD Sunrise phases

All new registries must offer a “Sunrise Phase” during the introduction of a new “open” gTLD in order to protect the rights of trademark holders. In this phase, trademark holders – depending on the guidelines of the respective registries – can register their trademark domains before anyone else. However, the trademark data must be verified first. This is done by saving all relevant trademark data in the data base. Once the data has been saved successfully, the trademark holder can take part in all new gTLD Sunrise phases and thereby protect his trademark rights.


  • Attach up to 20 labels per trademark and period at the price of 10
  • Sunrise Services
  • Abused DNL Service
  • Trademark Claims Services / Extended Claims Service – now also available for the TLDs .com, .net, .cat, .coop, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .pro, .tel, .travel, .xxx
  • Expert trademark protection starting from $ 41.67 USD/month

Who can use the Trademark Protection Service?

Trademark holders and their representatives (e.g. license holders or authorized agents) can submit trademarks to the trademark data base and use the service to protect their trademarks during the introduction of new gTLDs. The service is provided for companies, governments & professional users.

What is a label in domain trademark protection?

In addition to the trademark name, so-called labels can also be stored in the trademark data base. These are variations of the trademark name that are generated automatically by our service and can not be selected individually by the trademark owner. Generally up to 10 labels can be stored in the trademark data base for free. Via Domainspace, up to 20 labels are included free-of-charge.

For the trademark “Fisher & Son”, for example, the following labels would be possible:

  • fisher-son
  • fisher–son
  • fisherandson
  • fisherand-son
  • fisher—son
  • fisher-andson
  • fisher-and-son

All domains containing your trademark or one of these labels would be now protected against unauthorized domain registrations.

Abused DNL service

This is a system that allows a trademark already registered in the data base to be linked to a maximum of 50 domain names that have already been disputed (abused labels) that concern the mark that has in fact been integrated into the protection service. These abused labels will then benefit from a more extensive Trademark Claims Service (TCS) during the period when new gTLDs are opened to the public. As a reminder, the TCS is a warning system that notifies Internet users registering domain names of the existence of prior rights and alerts rights holders in the event of registration of domain names identical to their trademarks. The TCS is activated for all marks registered with us. The abused labels will expand the system of automatic alerts to include domain names that suffered previous infringements in other TLDs.

Trademark holders can submit up to 50 labels that have previously been abused and for which they have already prevailed in court and/or via a UDRP case.

Our ServiceStandard Service
Take part in all new gTLD phases: With a record in the data base, you can participate in all sunrise phases of new gTLDs without needing to provide further evidence.
Trademark Claims Service / Extended Claims Service: If this service is activated, trademark holders can receive a Notification of Registered Name (NORN) from the provider, with information about registrations that may be relevant to the trademark.
Abused DNL Service: Trademark holders can submit up to 50 labels that have previously been abused and for which they have already prevailed in court and/or via a UDRP case.
More labels: Per trademark and period, the submission of up to 20 labels (additional variations of the trademark) are included instead of only 10 labels (according to the technical requirements of the provider).
Preliminary check of submitted data: checks the provided information before forwarding it to the data base – this saves unnecessary effort and can prevent extra costs.
Automatic renew and end of registration term: When the registration term for a trademark entry is about to terminate, it will automatically be renewed – so you don’t miss any deadlines, trademarks will remain protected.
Invoice for trademark entries: We deliver detailed invoices with a breakdown for each trademark entry.
Pricefrom $ 41.67 US / month
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How does it work?

Order the Domain Trademark Protection Service and provide your details. Within a few hours, our trademark agent will contact you and discuss all the details with you and request the necessary documents for submission to the database.

What types of trademarks can be submitted?

The following types of trademarks can be submitted to our service:

-Registered trademarks that hold national or multinational validity
-Trademarks validated by court (according to customary rights, civil law)
-Trademarks that are protected by a statute or treaty (e.g. geographic designation, designation of origin)

Trademarks that contain any one of the following criteria cannot be submitted:

-Trademark applications
-Trademarks that have been repealed or deleted
-International trademarks applied for via the Madrid System (unless the trademark registration has been recognized nationally)
-Trademarks that contain a domain ending, e.g. “”
-Trademarks that contain a full stop i.e. period
-Trademarks consisting of mixed characters, i.e. consisting of ASCII and IDNs
-Image trademarks, i.e. trademarks that do not contain at least one legible character

Do I have to be a trademark owner to order the Trademark Protection Service?

Yes, you must be the trademark owner or act on behalf of the trademark owner.

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