Increase the security of your business on the Internet with permanent monitoring of your domain…

Uncover phishing, spoofing and identity theft as quickly as possible.

We monitor your brand / keyword / website name for new registrations in the most important TLDs. This way you can uncover registrations of third-party domains containing your website name / brand name and prevent cyber attacks.

We monitor your brand name / website name for use in third-party domains and notify you as soon as we identify violations. This allows you to quickly respond to possible attack attempts such as phishing, website spoofing, fraud or identity theft. We not only monitor the domains fully automatically with our sophisticad search engine, but also subject each violation to a manual check. Your personal account manager will then notify you about the possible cyber threat.

What our monitoring service offers:

  • We monitor all important TLDs for new registrations containing your trademark, website name or individual keyword.
  • We will notify you as soon as a new domain is registered or getting available containing your keyword / trademark.
  • In this way, you can identify violations of your protected trademark and act accordingly.
  • You can also monitor the use of important keywords to get an overview of the market.

We can monitor all TLDs for you. By default, we select the most important and business critical TLDs for your domain. If you have special requirements or requests for tracking various TLDs, please let us know.

How Can Domain Monitoring Protect Websites & Online Businesses?

One in four companies worldwide are affected by domain squatting, namely, the fraudulent registration and use of domains containing protected trademark terms or website names. In 2019, 85% of all retail brands have been affected by fake domains offering counterfeit products or services to potential buyers. This causes immense economic damage and keeps lawyers from all over the world busy.

Nearly 99% of the identity theft cases on domain level remain undetected. Cyber criminals are therefore able to continue to harm brand owners on a daily basis. 96% of all companies are victim of matching fake domains, while 85% of all fake domains are deploying phishing and spoofing attacks.

Our Domain Monitoring offers the solution here. We scan the domain landscape for changes every 24 hours and immediately recognize when third parties or cyber criminals use your keyword / website name / brand name in a domain. Through our manual check, we verify the threat for your business / website and contact you then immediately. In this way you can significantly reduce the period in which business damaging fake websites are online. Domains are also required for mail phishing. You can also quickly identify these cyber threats using our monitoring service.


  • Uncover identity theft, phishing, spoofing and other possible cyber attacks requiring domains.
  • Increased security for your website and business.
  • Personal account manager who advises you.
  • The service is also suitable for domain purchases. Find out automatically when domains with a specific keyword become available.

starting from $ 10.83 USD / month

Protection against a wide range of threats

With our service you can monitor new domain registrations containing your protected term. Domains are the key to success for cyber attacks such as domain spoofing, website spoofing, phishing or identity fraud. Nip such cyber threats in the bud or react as quickly as possible to business-damaging attacks by cyber criminals.

Note: For the best possible protection, we also recommend our Zone Scan. This service provides reliable data as to whether you are currently a victim of cyber crimes.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified if there are any changes to keywords / brand names?

Your account manager will contact you immediately and inform you about the possible cyber threats.

What exactly is being monitored?

We monitor the use of keywords / websites names / trademarks in domains of third parties (all TLDs possible).

Do I have to be a trademark owner to use this service?

No! In general, we can monitor every keyword. This is especially an interesting option if you want to find TLDs that are becoming available in connection with brand names and high-traffic keywords.

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