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DV Certificate Explanation

The domain validation (DV) certificate offers a basic security level. The CA guarantees that the information about the domain matches the data available in the WHOIS protocol or the DNS servers that manage your domain. However, it does not verify you as the legitimate business owner. Customers who see the lock icon on their browser will trust your website more because of this recognized sign of legitimacy.

Simple information such as domain name, domain owner and other personal details are automatically checked during the verification process. Obtaining a DV certificate is very easy and it is the cheapest option.


OV Certificate Explanation

After verifying an organization’s name, physical address and telephone number, the CA will issue an OV certificate to verify its actual legal existence. This certificate is essential if users submit sensitive information such as contact details or credit card numbers on your website. Ecommerce websites are the ones who benefit the most from this protection assurance.

Compared to DV, the OV takes a step forward. The CA will verify the business owner’s information. They will confirm that the company is registered and display the company name on the certificate.


EV Certificate Explanation

The EV certificate is used worldwide by all leading online companies as it is recognized as the most trusted type of TLS/SSL certificate. The CA will contact the company during the verification process and collect information and documents to prove its real identity and existence. In addition to that, the CA will verify the request comes from a person directly connected to the company and authorized to represent it.

Once the process has been completed successfully and the EV has been issued, the address bar will display a security lock. By clicking on it, users can access some information about the certificate and the company’s name and location.


S/MIME Certificate Explanation

S/MIME is an acronym for Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It references a type of public encryption and signing of MIME data (a.k.a. email messages) to verify a sender’s identity. With S/MIME, it is possible to send and receive encrypted emails.

Over the years, S/MIME has undergone several changes to eliminate security weaknesses such as EFAIL, a security vulnerability affecting end-to-end encryption solutions like S/MIME and PGP.

As mentioned above, S/MIME is a type of “end-to-end” encryption solution used for email messages. To be more specific, it uses asymmetric cryptography to protect emails from being read by a third party.


DV Certificates (Basic SSL)OV Certificates (Business)EV Certificates (Shopping)S/MIME Certificates (Communication)
Security LevelLowMediumHighHigh
Area of Applicationprivate web projects (forums, travel blogs etc.)company websites with low trafficonline shops and company websitesemail encryption of company communication
Company Data in Certificate
Green Browser Bar
Malware Scan & Vulnerability Analysis
ValidationDNS validationcompany validationcompany validationcompany validation
Guaranteemin. 1,250,000 USD1,500,000 USD
Online Seal✅ seal in email client

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