Use Domain Safe to protect your valuable domains from being accessed by third parties. In this way you make it impossible even for password thieves to gain access to your domain data or transfer your domain without authorization.

We Have The Solution Against Domain Hijacking…

Domain Safe

Domain hijacking or domain theft is the act of changing the registration of a domain name without the permission of its original registrant, or by abuse of privileges on domain hosting and registrar software systems.

This can be devastating to the original domain name holder, not only financially as they may have derived commercial income from a website hosted at the domain or conducted business through that domain’s e-mail accounts, but also in terms of readership and/or audience for non-profit or artistic web addresses. After a successful hijacking, the hijacker can use the domain name to facilitate other illegal activity such as phishing, where a website is replaced by an identical website that records private information such as log-in passwords, spam, or may distribute malware from the perceived “trusted” domain

Domain Safe is the solution

Our Domain Safe service can prevent hijacking at domain level by imposing an extra security layer before changing domain data or transferring domains.

Pro-active domain protection

With our Domain Safe domains are optimally protected against unwanted access by third parties. Secured several times and individually locked with a PIN / mTAN procedure, the valuable domains are well kept in the virtual safe at Domainspace. To make changes to a protected domain, several personalized verification steps are necessary. A new mTAN process must be started for each domain order. It is almost impossible for third parties to gain access to the domains and make changes.

* The Domain Safe Service requires the domain to be registered via Domainspace. The service can be booked on a monthly basis and is valid for all domains in your portfolio.

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