The best providers for domain parking

If you manage a large domain portfolio or want to offer it for sale efficiently, you should not miss the opportunity to park your domains. In this guide, we explain in detail what domain parking is and which providers are the best.

What is domain parking?

With so-called domain parking, unused domains are linked to landing pages that either display advertising or forward directly to advertising goals. It is also possible to set up landing pages that display sales information such as the price of the domain and contact form.

What are the advantages of domain parking?

The advantages of landing pages are obvious. You can either actively advertise unused domains for sale or earn money with parked domains through advertisements. In most cases, a combination of both is also possible, which represents the best compromise between sales promotion and advertising revenue for most domainers.

How much can I earn with domain parking?

How much money can be earned with domain parking cannot really be answered in general terms. So many different factors play an important role. The amount of traffic that reaches the domain is crucial. The more visitors see the landing page, the higher the probability that ads will be clicked.

The advertising content is automatically created by the parking providers and based on the keywords in the domain name or individually defined keywords. In this way, it is ensured that the visitor is always shown the advertisement that corresponds to his interests or intentions. This increases the click-through rate and thus the income.

Depending on the size of the portfolio and factors such as whether the domains rank on Google or draw traffic via backlinks, income of around 1 $ per month per 100 domains is realistic. A parked domain portfolio with around 1,000 domains will therefore generate around 10 $ per month, provided there are no advertising measures and the domains are not ranked well on Google.

But if you park high-quality domains with a lot of organic traffic (e.g. former and well-established websites), you can earn 10-20$ a month with just one domain. The number of websites that link to the domain also plays an important role. In our long-term test, we parked four formerly well-ranked domains for several months. Altogether we made an income of around 700€ in 6 months with these 4 domain names only.

So as you can see, the income gap in domain parking is huge. From our point of view, however, the following rule of thumb is valid based on our experience:

  • Parked portfolio without backlinks / organic traffic: 0-1$ per domain / month
  • Well-ranked domains with organic traffic: 2-20$ per domain / month

The best providers for domain parking

If you would like to use domain parking for yourself and your unused portfolio, you will find a small overview of the best and most reputable domain parking providers on the market here.


Sedo is the largest domain marketplace in the world and enjoys an extremely good reputation in the industry. Domains can be easily listed and sold via Sedo, and payment is made securely via Sedo itself. In addition to the marketplace and domain auctions, Sedo also offers the option of parking domains. Depending on requirements, the portfolio listed at Sedo can be linked to advertising landing pages or sales pages. Incidentally, in order to be able to use domain parking at Sedo, it is not necessary to also offer the domain for sale. The payment of the advertising revenue takes place on a monthly basis, provided that the payment threshold has been reached. Sedo is 100% reputable, unfortunately the potential income is a little lower than with other providers.

  • Earning Potential: Medium
  • Sales landing pages: Yes
  • Ad Types: Display, Links, Redirect


ParkingCrew is the largest and most reputable domain parking provider that operates without a marketplace. At ParkingCrew, you can enter domains independently of the selected marketplace and link them to advertising landing pages. Many people in the domain industry rely on ParkingCrew for parking domains because of the very good income that can be generated here. Payments are also made regularly and reliably at ParkingCrew once the payment threshold has been reached.

  • Earning Potential: High
  • Sales landing pages: No
  • Ad Types: Display, Links, Redirect


DAN is a domain marketplace that can probably be seen as an up-and-coming competitor to SEDO. The modern interface and the excellent support are just a few of the many points that speak for DAN. Domain parking with display ads is also possible at DAN. Although the focus of the DAN landing pages is more on selling the domain, good income can still be achieved with DAN. The team of DAN is also extremely reactive when it comes to customer support and from our own experience, DAN is a 100% reliable partner for domain trading and domain parking.

  • Earning Potential: Medium
  • Sales landing pages: Yes
  • Ad Types: Display, Links


A lot has happened since Afternic has been bought by GoDaddy group. A modern interface is gradually being rolled out and the domain parking is also being extensively renewed. Afternic not only sells domains, but also provides them with ADs using landing pages. Afternic is also 100% reputable and can be used without hesitation.

  • Earning Potential: Medium
  • Sales landing pages: Yes
  • Ad Types: Display, Links

Which parking provider you ultimately choose is a question of personal preferences and parking performance. So we advise simply trying out all the providers and always parking the portfolio under the same conditions for the same period of time with all services. This allows you to easily compare the revenue generated and then place your portfolio with the provider that generates the best revenue.

If you only want to park your domains for the purpose of selling, DAN and SEDO are the best options, as these are the two best domain marketplaces, which are also highly trusted among potential customers.

Better avoid Bodis Domain Parking!

Unfortunately, there are also dubious offers among the domain parking providers. Above all, a supposedly large provider stands out in terms of many negative experiences. Although Bodis looks very legit and also promises very good income, however, an extremely large number of users, including our company, have not had good experiences with Bodis. We therefore advise all our readers to avoid Bodis completely. This saves time, money and a lot of hassle.

We would like to describe from our own experience how Bodis Domain Parking negatively affects your business, which, by the way, corresponds to the experiences and reviews of hundreds of other Internet users:

  • After first registration your domains are making good revenue for several months, so all is good so far.
  • One day, without warning, you lose access to your account.
  • When you contact support, you will be informed that your account violates the terms and will therefore be closed. Any outstanding earnings will be retained.
  • You will be accused of generating fake traffic and unauthorized clicking on advertising.
  • Evidence and statistics proofing the accusations will not be submitted, even if requested several times.

The fact that Bodis confiscates ALL of the earnings over several months (and not just those for alleged self-clicks) actually says everything about the company. Insight into statistics and previous data in the account is also not granted, which is also a strong indicator that things are not right at Bodis and that they want to hide something. Also, no warnings are issued and the accounts are removed almost overnight without notification, which in turn contradicts serious business conduct.

Incidentally, reputable domain parking providers proceed as follows in such cases:

  • A warning is issued if violations are detected
  • The account remains accessible, evidence and statistics can be viewed at any time
  • Only the earnings for spam traffic or self-clicks are blocked, or just for the affected domains
  • Other earnings remain unaffected and are paid out

The multitude of negative experiences that all coincide is also interesting… We therefore advise against using this dubious provider in ANY CASE!

Read more here: –> Forum / –> Forum / –> Trustpilot / –> Forum / –> Forum / –> Review Portal

We hope that we were able to help you with this guide about domain parking. If you choose the right domain parking provider and avoid Bodis in any case, you can achieve considerable income with domain parking, completely automatically, or better advertise your portfolio for sale.

Have you had any good or bad experiences with Bodis or other providers? Feel free to leave us a comment…

The best providers for domain parking
The best providers for domain parking
In this guide, we show you the best providers for domain parking and tell you which ones should be avoided.
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