We offer comprehensive solutions to minimize risks on the Internet for business-critical websites. Protect your brand or website from identity theft, phishing, spoofing, hijacking and other fraudulent activities at domain level.

Threat Defence Against…


Domain Spoofing

Domain spoofing is when cyber criminals fake a website name or email domain to try to fool users. The goal of domain spoofing is to trick a user into interacting with a malicious email or a phishing website as if it were legitimate. Domain spoofing is like a con artist who shows someone fake credentials to gain their trust before taking advantage of them. You can find a case study about spoofing here…

Domain spoofing often leads to enormous financial damage for customers of your company or has lasting damage to the brand image.

Our cyber security concepts help you to effectively prevent domain spoofing by permanently monitoring the use of your company name in the domain landscape and preventing the registration of protected domain names.


Fraud & Identity Theft

Identity theft is when cyber criminals steal your corporate identity to gain advantage of your brand name or products.

Cyber criminals who commit fraud and identity theft often use a combination of several attack methods. However, the right domain always plays an important role. Only with a very similar domain name, cyber criminals are able to steal your company identity on the Internet and misuse it for their own purposes. Fake online shops, fake websites and phishing emails can be published via fake domains with the aim of copying your company and gain advantage of you brand name.

The result is often financial damage for your customers and you as a company, as well as enormous security threats that may arise from stolen account data.


Website Spoofing

Website spoofing is the creation of a replica of a trusted site with the intention of misleading visitors to a phishing site. Legitimate logos, fonts, colors and functionality are used to make the spoofed site look realistic. Website spoofing attacks have become increasingly prevalent in recent years for two simple reasons: they’re easy to execute and they work. Even unsophisticated attackers can register a domain that’s very close to the domain of a trusted brand and build a site that looks identical to the brand’s website.

Website spoofing can quickly become a problem for brands as your company image suffers or potential income is stolen by cyber criminals.

We can effectively protect you from website spoofing by protecting your brand at domain level or uncover existing spoofing cases.



Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords. The information is then used to access important accounts and can result in identity theft and financial loss.

Domains play an important role in phishing because the cyber criminals need a domain that is very similar to the original domain. Our security solutions can reliably help to identify phishing attacks at an very early stage or even completely nip them in the bud.

We can also investigate the current situation for you and find out whether you are currently a victim of phishing or are at risk of becoming one.

You can find detailed information about threat defence for companies on our corporate blog…

Threat Defence Solutions


Security- & Threat Reports For Websites

Our security reports provide you with an overview of the current situation of your website / brand on the Internet. We explain to you in detail where you run the risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime and how you can minimize the risks of identity theft, spoofing and phishing.

Our threat defence reports are easy to understand and provide all the information you need to improve your internet security at domain level. Each of our reports contains a detailed checklist with the security measures to be implemented.

Effect of this measure:

  • Review of current security situation
  • Suggested solutions to improve security at domain level
  • Investigation of the website for on-page security risks

Domain Trademark Protection

Our domain trademark protection offers registered trademarks the opportunity to protect brand names at domain level. Effectively prevent the registration of domains that use your name and secure exclusive access to the sunrise phase for new TLDs.

For this purpose, your brand ownership data is stored in a central database. If someone tries to register a domain with your brand name, this will be prevented or you will be informed about the registration in order to take further legal steps.

Effect of this measure:

  • Protection of registered trademarks against domain theft
  • Preventing domain registrations with your brand name
  • Early registration of brand domains with new TLDs

Monitoring & Zone Scan

Our monitoring service permanently monitors your brand name or a desired keyword at domain level. Find out immediately when your brand is being used in a new domain or when a domain with your brand name, that has already been assigned, becomes available.

Our scan offers the possibility to examine all registered TLDs for the use of your brand name / website name. Up to 3 million prefix and suffix combinations are used. You get a complete overview of whether you are currently a victim of cyber attacks.

Effect of this measure:

  • Permanent monitoring of the brand / website for phishing, spoofing & identity theft
  • Check if you are currently a victim of fraud or other cyber attacks

Domain Safe Anti Hijacking

Our Domain Safe service can prevent hijacking at domain level by imposing an extra security layer before changing domain data or transferring domains.

Secured several times and individually locked with a PIN / mTAN procedure, the valuable domains are well kept in the virtual safe at Domainspace. To make changes to a protected domain, several personalized verification steps are necessary. A new mTAN process must be started for each domain order. It is almost impossible for third parties to gain access to the domains and make changes.

Effect of this measure:

  • Prevent unauthorized domain transfers
  • Secure particularly valuable and business-critical domains

Security Packages

Benefit from our specially developed packages and save on protecting your business on the Internet. Our complete security solutions offer you all of our services combined at an attractive price.


Security Expert

Our “Expert” security package offers you reliable and professional protection for your company at domain level. The package contains the “Zone Scan” and “Monitoring” at a reduced price.

Services in this package:

  • Zone Scan
  • Monitoring

The package can be booked annually and includes permanent monitoring in accordance with the product monitoring as well as an annual zone scan with a detailed report.

The package is automatically extended by a further 12 months and can be canceled at any time at the end of the term.

For detailed information, please contact our sales team at [email protected]


Security Ultimate

Our “Ultimate” security package offers you highest possible protection for your company at domain level. The package contains an one time initial “Security Report”, yearly “Zone Scan”, permament “Monitoring” and the permanent “Domain Trademark Protection” at a reduced price.

Services in this package

  • Initial Security Report
  • Yearly Zone Scan
  • Permanent Monitoring
  • Permanent Domain Trademark Protection

The package can be booked annually or triennially and includes permanent monitoring in accordance with the product monitoring as well as an annual zone scan, domain trademark protection and one detailed report before setting up the service.

The package is automatically extended by a further 12 months / 36 months and can be canceled at any time at the end of the term.

For detailed information, please contact our sales team at [email protected]

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